Simply Her™ One Time Purchase

Simply Her™ One Time Purchase

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Simply Her™ period care packages are delivered right to your door and feature a variety of all natural and organic products to comfort and soothe those menstrual woes. These packages include but are not limited to a variety of comforting and pampering health & beauty products for relaxation, skin & body care products to fight hormonal breakouts, healthy & delicious guilt-free treats, and/or inspirational & uplifting memos. Our Simply Her™ period care packages are hand-selected with the sole purpose of changing your the dread of "that time of the month" to the nourishing "me-time" you absolutely deserve. Our one-time option is designed to give you the luxury of purchasing our period care package without having to sign up for a monthly subscription or perfect as a thoughtful gift!

Subscriptions are available anytime of the month but to ensure that all packages receive the same amount of love and care, subscriptions completed on or after the 20th of every month will receive the following month's care package when the following month begins. If you would like your package delivered according to your menstrual cycle, you will need to create your subscription on a date that coincides with your desired time frame.  

You can expect your package to be curated and ready to ship within 24 to 96 hours once your order is processed. Once your order has shipped you will receive your shipping confirmation. Please note, delivery and/or receiving your package is dependent upon your subscription date, the shipping option you choose at checkout, and the 24 to 96 hour window mentioned above to ready your package.

*Products and items featured on our website are for display purposes only. These products and items may or may not be featured in your package. There is a wide variety of products that change every month by the sole discretion of Simply Her™. For an inside scoop on what products you will personally receive and for helpful tips regarding skin, beauty, and health, sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. For more information on how on your purchase or further information on shipping, please visit the How It Works  page. As a one-time purchaser, you have the option of creating your own account to make future purchasing easier. Simply Her is not responsible for creating or managing your account.