Our Mission

Having your period is probably one of the most dreaded times of the month, hey girl, we totally get you! Every month no matter how we may try to plan around it, there is never a good time for fatigue, bloating, cravings, and mood swings - never. For this reason, we attempt to subside these "time of the month" side effects with whatever we can find: heating pads, aspirin, fast food, all kinds of sweets, and the list goes on. Most of the time our go-to options are not the best or the healthiest and often times can make us feel worse during and even after our period is over.

Well frankly, we had enough of feeling the monthly woes and decided it was time for a care package that would be as natural as it is comforting. Rather than looking at your period as a week from hell, consider it a time to focus on pampering yourself and treating yourself with love and care. 

At Simply Her™, we pride ourselves on providing you with a hand-selected period care package for the "me-time" you absolutely deserve. Simply Her™ packages feature all natural and organic name-brand products to comfort and soothe you each and every month. We empower and support the every day female and choose products with Her in mind. 

With love, from us to you

Jessica Rosado
Founder & CEO of Simply 🌷 Her ™