Our Mission

Having your period is probably one of the most dreaded times of the month. Every month no matter how we may try to plan around it, there is never a good time for fatigue, bloating, breakouts, cravings, cramping and unexpected imbalances. For this reason, we attempt to subside our menstrual side effects with whatever we can find around the house -  aspirin, fast food, all kinds of sweets, and the list goes on. Most of the time our go-to options are not the best or the healthiest and in fact, often make us feel worse during and even after our period is over.

Well frankly, I had enough of feeling these monthly woes and wanted something that would not only excite me every month and give me something to look forward to, but would also be wholesomely enjoyable for my skin and body. I decided it was time for a monthly box that would be as natural as my body demanded, as soothing as my period needed, and as comforting as my body deserved. Rather than looking at your period as that "dreaded time of the month", I created a company that embraces natural womanhood and focuses on pampering yourself, fighting hormonal breakouts and menstrual pain, and treating yourself with all the love and care you deserve! 

At Simply Her™, we pride ourselves on providing you with a hand-selected period care package of wholesome, all natural and organic products catered to your monthly needs. We value philanthropy and stand behind embracing what makes us the beautiful women we are. We empower and support the every day female and choose products with Her in mind. 

With love and light,

Jessica Rosado
Founder of Simply 🌷 Her ™